Are You A DIY SaaS Startup Owner?


Like most entrepreneurs, you had to rely solely on yourself and become a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) startup owner to get most of the work done. You had to battle through conversations with non-believers who are both your friends and family. You were trying to convince others that you are doing the right thing as their comments continue to damage the already unstable self-confidence of yours and then you spend nights trying to believe in yourself strongly again. Does it sound familiar to you?

Time and time again, you encounter people, who manage to trip you up. It’s almost never intentionally, but perhaps you and they just have very different ways of thinking and then your working relationships break down. Or it happens that an employee just needed a part-time job to pay the rent and when the times got tough – just didn’t prove to be reliable enough and let you down.

Through the years you have learned to be cautious when throwing your growing project out to the masses; to those who, at any moment, can pick it apart and take the best bits for themselves, leaving you with the scraps to pick up. You are a ‘Do It Yourself-er’, with no time for friends and family, constantly studying other aspects of business management, you didn’t realize what was essential until now, because you felt as if you are forever falling behind.


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Why Do DIY Startups Tend To Fail?

Although it is great for an employee to be a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ when an employer has a skillful individual, whom he can utilize for many different tasks. However, when it comes to you as a business owner, it has been proven that having a large range of qualifications and skills isn’t that desirable after all; it is better to specialize. However, with this mentality, a founder of a business cannot do everything himself. By taking on too much work of different kinds, you are left with not enough time to focus on what your business is all about.

Why Is Hiring A Huge Team Not A Good Idea?

A startup company is fraught with difficulties. Money and financing are clearly two of them. By hiring a huge team on the outset, a startup company is setting itself up for failure by not having the cash flow available for any unexpected problems that may occur. Your staff needs to do their work on time and be productive. Managing a small team is far more controllable than a large team.

Guidelines For SaaS Startups To Outsource Marketing:

1. Quality Is Greater Than Cost

It can be easy to get carried away with churning out a lot of low-quality content in a short period of time, hoping that the more often you are seen, the stronger the connection between you and your customers is. However, for SaaS, in particular, B2B SaaS, the audience take the quality of the content seriously. You don’t want to send your leads a sales email that is full of grammar errors and typos. Therefore, when you pick your partner for outsourcing, consider the expertise and quality. Startups are very price-sensitive but don’t compromise on quality because of the low cost.

2. Build A Process

It is critical that a process of cooperation and coordination is solid. You, your team and your outsourcing team know where they stand, how they work and what programs they use to work with each other and on tasks. Having a flow helps to keep your teams organized, effectively communicating and cooperating with each other.

3. Data Driven

Using metrics, ROI and analytics, to name a few data analysis techniques, you can have a better understanding of the performance of your marketing activities and which results do your outsourced marketing partners bring. By using this data effectively, you are able to see what is working and what is not. This is essential for the survival of a startup business because any wasted cash can tip a new company over the edge.

4. Learning And Optimizing

Remember to be open, direct and honest with your outsourcing partner. Put aside a half an hour or so every week with your marketing team to reflect on the positive impact they are having as well as potential room for improvement. By constantly learning and optimizing the efficiency of your team, you are able to get the most out of your outsourced skilled professionals.

5. Strategy

Try to run growth marketing experiments with your outsourced marketing partners. Find the time to sit together to develop an optimization plan, ensuring that you are both getting the best out of your time. Aim to constantly update your responses to how your audience is reacting to your marketing strategies. Don’t be addicted to the idea that it is solely important to ‘get things done’, especially when you forget to check the performance of your team.

It is immensely important that as a startup business owner, you take the time to decide for yourself what is important to do yourself and what would be better to let other skilled, outsourced professional manage for you. By prioritizing what is important for the success of your business, you will most likely come to the conclusion that marketing is a key aspect of success. For SaaS businesses, content creation is an essential marketing activity. By ensuring that your content is of good quality, by communicating with your outsourced marketing team through reviewing the marketing data available to you and by constantly learning and optimizing your responses, you will surely be able to benefit from the results that a skilled outsourced marketer can bring to your business.

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Victoria Long
Victoria Long

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