Aurabear received funding from Business Finland for the digital platform Snappmeal

Snappmeal funding FEAT

We are thrilled to announce that Snappmeal has raised an impressive €50,000 in funding from Business Finland. This will be used to continue to develop and enhance the global reach of our in-house digital product and service.

The funding is provided via The Tempo Fund. Our application matches the values of this body – namely, the internationalization of local business. Finance is key to achieving this aim as an SME, and the assistance of The Tempo Fund makes taking expanding the Snappmeal market a genuine option.

Snappmeal: restaurant marketing made smooth with AI/ML and automation

Snappmeal funding

We’re living in a digital world and food businesses must adapt to this, embracing online marketing and a personalized approach. Snappmeal connects restaurants and consumers directly and efficiently.

Snappmeal is a mobile to-mobile-platform built to connect restaurants and consumers via deal management, community, and personalization. It empowers restaurants to adapt to the changing world of dining by equipping AI-driven personalization solutions to marketing and operation. Put bluntly, Snappmeal is the ultimate app for foodies.

Innovation requires investment

Aurabear, the Helsinki-based design, and marketing agency behind Snappmeal, have established a fine reputation and client base in Finland. Tempo funding is designed for international expansion, however, which is a long-held ambition of Snappmeal. After all, food and dining are universal experiences – more important than ever in the current global climate.

Aurabear has funneled significant funding into taking Snappmeal beyond the confines of Helsinki and into other nations. The app itself is complete. The next step to achieving international renown is expanding to other markets, ensuring the unique needs of each territory are met.

With the backing provided by The Tempo Fund, Snappmeal will increase our work in this field, growing our model to global standing. We have already conducted market research in overseas markets, most notably Sweden, and attracted interest. We will now spread the service further afield, with the goal of eventually servicing all Nordic territories and beyond.

Uniting the world through food

All restaurants deserve the opportunity to reach their customers. Equally, all customers should be able to find an eatery that meets their needs. This is now going to be possible. After browsing the wide array of funding packages provided by Business Finland, Aurabear constructed an appropriate application, demonstrating the value that our product will bring to an international audience.

This funding is the next step in the evolution of Snappmeal. Financial restrictions will no longer hamper the ambition or the scope of the app, and a large-scale roll-out is now under construction. Snappmeal was born in Helsinki but was always intended to become the go-to service for foodies all over the map. Thanks to Business Finland and The Tempo Fund, this will now happen sooner than later.

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Aurabear Team
Aurabear Team
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