Mario’s Journey Building Tespack: Tips and Tricks on Getting Investment

We’re thrilled to have Mario Aguilera – Founder of Tespack on our show this time. We sat down and talked about his journey of building Tespack from point A: inspiration, steps to take before manufacturing, getting investments and more! HINT: stay until the end to find out what Mario wishes he would have known before […]

Content Strategy for Lead Generation

GetJenny Oy is one of the leading companies in Finland, providing AI chatbots for organizations since 2013. With the multilingual Chatbot and advanced technology behind, GetJenny offers companies a total solution to automate their customer services process, helping to significantly improve their customer service experience, increase sales while providing a high ROI. Challenges More and […]

Tomi Kaukinen’s Story on Overcoming Burnout

This time we are honor to have Tomi Kaukinen on our Nordic Growth Show. Resigning at the peak of his career, Tomi found a turning point when all he wants to do is to help people live freely and happily. In this episode, you will find genuinely inspiring sharing from Tomi. He shared not only […]