Best (and Free) Printing Services for Paper Christmas Cards

The busiest time of the year—the Christmas season!—is right around the corner. Just one more month to wrap everything up and prepare for a new year. It is also a great occasion to invigorate your relationship with your customers and impress potential prospects. For businesses, Christmas paper cards sent via traditional mail are a valuable way to connect with clients, never mind the fact that e-cards are becoming increasingly popular. Not sure which one to choose? Check on this e-card vs paper cards.

If Christmas paper cards are your choice, now is the time to get to work on crafting and sending the Christmas paper cards to ensure their arrival before Christmas! Designing, printing, and sending all those paper cards is no easy task, especially in this hectic season. Fortunately, there are online printing services for Christmas paper cards that will help your work much easier. Don’t worry if your design skills are limited—there are services out there for you, too! What’s better, even a small order can be printed at a reasonable price.

I tested a dozen popular online printing services for customing paper cards to assess their designs, the quality of paper used, the price, and the delivery. Below are the best services I found.

In terms of its customization interface, Zazzle is outstanding. You can create your designs from scratch or choose a template to customize: insert an image and add text, alter their sizes, and layer elements. The possibility to have complete control over your design is a great feature but it is definitely a challenge for those lacking design skills. The final product can be printed on different types of paper cards. Your order arrives in about five business days, equal to other printing services. For printing your Christmas, Zazzle may charge $1 per card, and down to $0.80 for other of 100 cards. Quality-wise the Zazzle is great, both in terms of the final design and the paper cards used (resembling paper cards by Hallmark or Snapfish).

If you are looking to custom paper cards in small quantities, reasonable prices, and fast delivery, Vistaprint is the one for you. You can easily upload your own photos and add text, custom fonts, and styles and add various elements to design simple yet stunning cards. Vistaprint offers a number of premade templates—just add and remove pictures to your liking. The templates are great for inspiration and allow for easy personalization. One custom paper card costs $1.1 in a minimum order of 10 cards. For bigger orders, the price per card goes down. As for the quality of the cards, Vistaprint is not the best; however, their excellent designs may make up for it.

7 christmas card ideasCredit to Brigitte Tohm

Snapfish has been a popular printing service since 1999 and its reputation has stood the test of time. With Snapfish, you can easily import pictures from Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. Edit the brightness and contrast and crop the picture to your liking. You can also pick one of the monochromatic filters to customize your cards like a pro! Do you like your paper cards with traditional straight edges, or would you like to experiment with rounded or even scalloped edges? On Snapfish, you can pick any! The quality of the prints and the paper is on par with other similarly priced printing services. For a minimum order of twenty paper cards, the cost per card is $1.1. Finally, I have to mention their speedy delivery: the Snapfish cards arrived faster than those from Vistaprint and Shutterfly.

Christmas paper cardsScreenshot of Snapfish.com

Shutterfly offers a design-and-print custom paper cards service like many other providers—but they also offer design services for a wide range of products! You can create a design and apply it to cards, calendars, books, décors… This is fantastic if you are not looking to only send paper cards! As for the pricing of the cards, Shutterfly is the most expensive at $1.3 per card—higher than Vistaprint, Snapfish, or Hallmark. That said, the prints and the paper are of premium quality, making the price more understandable. There is no minimum order requirement; if you wish, you can order just one card at $2.59.

Christmas paper cards

You must be familiar with Hallmark! Hallmark has been in the market for more than a century, offering various types of greeting paper cards, both print and electronic. Hallmark products tend to always have beautiful and unique designs that set them apart from other providers. They offer a hundred exquisite designs and pre-written texts to add to the paper cards. Perhaps due to the strong Hallmark brand and style, the customization possibilities are limited to editing the text, adding your own logo and address. Some might find this feature frustrating, but it ensures a professional design on every Hallmark card. One card costs $0.99 in a minimum an order of 25 cards.

These online printing services are among the best to create beautiful, memorable paper cards for the holiday season. While each of them has their own pros and cons, you cannot go wrong whichever you choose. Now, get up and get ready to impress your customers with elegant custom greeting cards!

Happy holidays!

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