How a startup community is built? – The case of Tribe Tampere

Tribe Tampere

Tribe Tampere is a professional support organization for entrepreneurial and startup players based in one of the fastest growing regions of Finland. It provides a one-of-a-kind co-working space for a diversity of entrepreneurial people to work and connect with since its opening in September 2017. Tribe Tampere aims to foster a community for participating startups in hopes that an ecosystem that is mutually beneficial for all members of its community will establish itself. Read below to learn more about how the startup community was built and how being part of an startup ecosystem can empower entrepreneurs like you.

Provide basic facilities

First and foremost, having a multifunctional co-working space is a basic necessity for all working entrepreneurs who are seeking both privacy during confidential meetings and networking opportunities during less confidential moments. Tribe Tampere is a great example of providing what a startup founder needs with its open 300m2+ co-working space, 5 thematic meeting rooms, and a workshop space called Creativity Room. Another perk behind being a part of the co-working community is all the free amenities, including free tea and coffee, central air conditioning and heat, and ergonomically-designed furniture. At Tribe Tampere, there is a free desk policy: you can get 24/7 access to use the free spaces and meeting rooms can be reserved throughout a simple Google calendar.

Tribe Tampere co-working space

Keep each member motivated

The kind of space that Tribe Tampere provides is one that encourages unexpected moments of connectivity and interaction between entrepreneurs. For example, getting involved for the betterment of the community is a popular Nordic value that is often instilled in individuals and can be seen often at the workplace. You’d be surprised to see how often Tribe Tampere’s members stop their work to clean the kitchen and take the trash out.

Tribe Tampere

Recognize and cultivate new ideas

There’s a reason why more and more startup founders are opting their bed at home for professional co-working spaces. Many entrepreneurial spirits come to Tribe Tampere for ideas and feedback on their current projects. Those who have chosen to opt for the co-working community often report that it’s the people that make them stay. At Tribe Tampere, they’re all about creating a culture that endorses shared knowledge and team-building activities between companies. In fact, the last networking event at Tribe Tampere gathered 450+ startups, 300+investors, and 150+ corporations, ending up in some 5000 meetings in the Deal room. 

Tribe Tampere

Diverge from the core team members

While it’s essential to have core team members in place at your startup before branching out, it’s also important to have opportunities to network with other different groups of experts. From other startup entrepreneurs, to young talents, to researchers, to investors, you’ll never run out of options to meet new people at Tribe Tampere! In the autumn, Tribe Tampere plans to host short programs and team-ups that help startup founders find their own partners and co-founders and walk them through the first steps towards their entrepreneurial career.

Tribe Tampere team

Take advantage of the local

There are many unique advantages of being a regionally-focused organization that’s catered to the local population of entrepreneurs. For one, networking events and activities are made more accessible for startup players based in the second biggest startup scene in Finland. Also, by having a co-working space that caters to the local like Tribe Tampere’s, you as a Tampere-based entrepreneur can expect to meet people who are more available as a resource. Fun fact: in half a year, by May 2018, Tribe Tampere has hosted about 150 events and more than 5000 visits, producing over 10,000 handshakes! If you are a member at Tribe Tampere, consider competing in their annual Startup World Cup, an international pitch competition where the national winner of SWC Finland is invited to compete in its final event in Silicon Valley. The global winner will receive a $1,000,000 in investment prize money – what an incredible opportunity to have as a local entrepreneur!

Start-up world cup Tampere

(The blog post was written based on an interview with Santeri Tuovila – previous chairman of the Tribe community in Autumn 2018)

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