Marketing Hacks for Brand New Entrepreneurs

You are setting out into the world of entrepreneurship. You have a small business or an idea you want to make real. You are bringing something forward to the market. Around you, everyone is moving online and setting up businesses. Adverts flash before your eyes and there are a million different social media platforms popping up on the web and on your smartphone that you have little understanding of how to use. If these sentences describe you, check out our handy guide full of marketing hacks for brand new entrepreneurs below.

How to Start

At this point, you should do a little background reading. Research ‘how to set up a small business 2021’, ‘advice for new entrepreneurs 2021’ or ‘marketing online in 2021’ Be obvious in your search of what you are looking for and at the same time take any detours that come up. Have fun with it. 

There are some key basics about marketing that never change, but there is always a whole load each year that does. Especially online. Research the previous year too and get an idea of how trends have changed.

An example of this is what Google looks for when they decide which results get bumped to the top of their rankings (the results you see when you type in something into the Google search engine). Google changes what they are looking for in order to stay relevant and move with the customer’s attitudes. At the moment they are looking for interesting and quality content amongst other things.

When you start researching this kind of information, you will see many things you do not understand. If you think they are relevant, make a note of them for later. If you don’t, then discard the information. This exercise is intended as an overview, not as a degree-level education on marketing.

Have a Great Brand

Create a brand for your business that screams professionalism. Take your time over your branding and research exactly what you need to make it work the best for your business.

On Logo Creator, you can design, download and use their logos entirely for free. They are a great tool when it comes to starting off your business marketing. 

You should use the logo on everything you create for your business from content to products, packaging to pages. Your logo should be on every advert and video you make.

Remember to have a great business name too and keep it relevant.

Utilize Paid for Advertising

Practice and learn how to use paid for advertising. You won’t need it first off as you build up your client base, but a new entrepreneur must understand how to use online advertising. If you don’t it can become a mental block and you might not move forward with it when you need to in the future. Run some practice ads and get comfortable using Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, or Google Ads.

Then you can use more organic advertising like posting content, being active on your socials, and using competitions to generate email lists up until you feel like you want to pay for advertising campaigns.

Be aware that marketing in the online world can have plenty of pitfalls and not work straight away. Ensure you check out your pages’ analytics, interactions, and customer base and alter any marketing to suit those. Do not expect it to work straight away and to make a lot of sales in your first year. Building a business takes time and dedication before you make it to the top, but it is so worth it when you do!

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Franklin Curry - Contributor
Franklin Curry - Contributor

Franklin believes in hard work and can transform ideas into beautiful pieces. He is currently working in graphic design. As a freelance writer, he expands his creativity and enjoys playing scrabble whenever he is free.