How To Build A Startup Team and The Working Culture

On this episode, we are honored to welcome Mikael da Costa, Founder of Leadoo. Leadoo is one of the most promising Martech companies in Finland. Mikael and his team have been able to bootstrap the company and reach 1m€ turnover and over 300 customers in less than a year.
Together with our host Jessica, he disclosed his secrets behind the success of Leadoo on this episode are from how he treats his customers to his employees. He believes that with determination you can achieve anything, and he has an interesting story about him writing a book “The Startup Warrior” within 2 weeks to back it up. Tune in to get inspired!!!

“Just take care of your people as well as possible... Don’t be selfish, it is much nicer to have rich friends than to be rich only yourself.”


– For business’s websites, there are 2 types of visitors; active buyers and passive buyers. Active buyers are those who have already made the purchasing decision from ads. Passive buyers take about 90% of the visitors, they are the one who have been driven through the site through content marketing, email marketing.
– The secret behind Leadoo’s success is their “customer centric” ideology. They put their customers’ satisfaction as the main priority. And that leads to 30% of their customers are referral from the previous customers.

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Mikael da Costa

Mikael da Costa

Founder @Leadoo

Mikael da Costa is a visionary leader, sales professional and an e-commerce expert. He has been one of the founders of a very successful daily-deal company: Facediili at a very young age.

He was also building the world famous Groupon which he joined as a sales manager one month after it had launched its operations in Finland. Just 6 months later da Costa was promoted to Key Account Manager in the company.

Currently Mikael is working closely with media companies to improve existing online media services with new platforms from Finternet. Finternet is identifying, building and cloning successful business models Rocket Internet style.

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