Tomi Kaukinen’s Story on Overcoming Burnout

This time we are honor to have Tomi Kaukinen on our Nordic Growth Show. Resigning at the peak of his career, Tomi found a turning point when all he wants to do is to help people live freely and happily. In this episode, you will find genuinely inspiring sharing from Tomi. He shared not only his story of being a serial entrepreneur but also how he got back on his feet after experiencing burnout. Burnout has been an emerging issue among startup founders recently. People not only talk about it but also really look for solutions because the stress at work affects significantly on work performance and life quality. During his talk, Tomi openly shared his personal story and gave out advice in terms of facing and overcoming problems when one is not at their 100% best.

If you’re having a bad day at work or struggling with your daily life, regardless you’re a founder, this episode is what you should listen to!

"If you feel that you don't really find the thing you do meaningful, QUIT."


– Sleeping is essential, don’t underestimate it. Being well-rested can turn you into Superman.
– When you’re resting, make it worth. Put aside your phone.
– When you’re struggling with what you’re doing, feel like it’s not meaningful to you. Quit. Find meaningful stuffs to do.

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Tomi Kaukinen

Tomi Kaukinen

Founder @Licence to Fail

Tomi Kaukinen is a serial entrepreneur whose life changed when he fell into severe burnout during the scaling of his company. He left everything and had to reorganize his life. Today he is a keynote speaker and a start-up mentor. His main topics are motivational and the importance of failure but also how depression and burnout are serious problems in work life.

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