Startup Story: The Founding Story of Choicely with Kaius Meskanen

Kaius, is one of the founders of Choicely, a fast-growing voting platform app that allows users to share feedback, engage with audiences and share content online through the power of having choices. 

Despite not starting out in the tech scene, Kaius eventually decided to take the reigns over his startup dreams. In this episode we’ll be learning more about how Kaius overcame the challenges involved in building an app without any previous background in tech. He also will share his take on how he founded the perfect team to help guide his vision in product management at Choicely.

Tune in to learn more!

"The Nordic way of building things: dream big, start bravely, get handy with resources you currently have and start to automate your processes."

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CEO and Founder @ Choicely.com

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Kaius has learnt principles of success through innovation, hard work and understanding customers.

Interesting facts about Kaius:
o Winning a UNESCO singing contest in Sydney Opera House at the age of 13
o Exploring 71 countries (mostly as a young backpacker)
o Mastering 9 languages
o Serving in Finnish Special Forces,
o Getting a master’s degree in architecture
o Being CEO and founder of businesses since the age of 18.

Since 2011, Kaius has been supporting Innoschool, a company developing Leonardo Academy - an AI-Powered learning platform that enables accelerated learning and produces advanced learning outcomes.

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