Mario’s Journey Building Tespack: Tips and Tricks on Getting Investment

We’re thrilled to have Mario Aguilera – Founder of Tespack on our show this time. We sat down and talked about his journey of building Tespack from point A: inspiration, steps to take before manufacturing, getting investments and more!

HINT: stay until the end to find out what Mario wishes he would have known before launching his company.

"You don't have to work hard, it's much better to work smart."

  •  If you’re a founder, your efforts have to be all-in towards your company, otherwise it will never work out.
  • The interesting part about startup is constantly failing and learning.
  • Get to know your investors and choose them wisely.
  • If you’re looking to hire a consultant, make sure that you understand what value they could actually bring to you. You’re paying for good results, not just good impressions.

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Mario Aguilera

Mario Aguilera

Founder @Tespack

Mario Aguilera is the founder and CEO of Tespack, a company specialized in smart mobile energy solutions used by the military, governmental agencies and well-known companies such as Vodafone, Intersports and Microsoft.

Mario is an ex-Special Forces Officer with a background in military operations and has a Economics degree from LSBU (London South Bank University). He is experienced in international economics, international business, industrial implementation of projects that involve renewables and IoT (Internet of Things).

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