Recruiting Autistic Employees and Recruitment Processes with Alena & Slava

We sat down with Alena and Slava from Kallkod to talk about the recruitment processes, the need to help autistic people to find a job that fits them perfectly and what to do to get a job within a month! Yes, you read it right; it is possible. They told us their journey of Källkod and what is their future going to look like. Get the freshest insight into the recruitment company that is best of what they do – finding people for top IT companies and how they will be helping autistic people to enter the workforce.

"No matter how much you have improved in writing your resume, if you don't continue sending them out, it doesn't matter. Keep going, you might not be this one's favourite but some other's treasure."

  • Don’t give up on sending out and improving your CV at all time. .
  • In terms of working with autistic people, give a chance to that person, take some time if you need. It could be a slightly difficult at first but things will works out fine eventually. 
  • Different companies have different expectation from candidates. You might not fit with one but to some other, you might appear to be very valuable. 
  • Connection and network is very important if you want to get a job quickly. Go out and get to know more people, it will help you a lot in the long run.

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Viacheslav Sobolev

Viacheslav Sobolev

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer @ Källkod Oy

Viacheslav Sobolev is a talented C/C++ and embedded software system developer, IT consultant and top-quality engineer, who dealt with complicated medical equipment, mobile phones, Voice Over IP solutions, industrial measurements and databases.

He is an enthusiastic Källkod company co-founder and chief technology officer. It’s one of those serious guys, with whom our candidates face during the technical interview and who don’t mind to mentor even weaker candidates and give a piece of advice concerning their future career.

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Alena Adameika

Alena Adameika

Business Development Manager @ Källkod Oy

Alena’s professional career started in 2010 as she worked as a lecturer at the college at the Belarusian State Academy of Music, Since 2011 till 2018 Alena worked as a lecturer and a senior lecturer in Philosophy, Sociology, Social Psychology and later on Management, combining this work with international projects coordination and quality management inspections. The year 2017 was crucial in Alena’s career as she started working for Belarusian and
Polish IT company first as a translator and Polish language teacher and then as a business analyst. Since that IT sector became a new Alena’s professional love. In 2019 she started working for Källkod company, fully supporting its values and enjoying her job.