Transforming Heat Poles into Electric Vehicles Outlet & Startup Story with Jiri Räsänen

Electric cars have already existed  for more than 100 years!? Yes, you read it right. That’s a fact we learnt from Jiri Räsänen during our conversation in this episode. Jiri told us so much about history of electric vehicles, building a startup with shoes string funding, his opinion on “innovative ideas” and so much more. He shared with us his  fascinating learning journey from being a social worker to a CEO of a startup in electric vehicle charging. Tune in to learn more about Jiri and his startup journey with Parking Energy.

"Startup is a hassle but if you want to scale up your thinking, it is important to keep in mind that you can't avoid chaos in just one go. Always you'll have to bump into trouble, fix it and learn from it. One step at a time."

  • Long history of electric vehicles – from 100 years ago until now. 
  •  Good timing is one of the most important factor for a startup to success.
  •  Be curious enough to also be humble enough to question everything when you go on.

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Jiri Räsänen, Ms Soc.

Jiri Räsänen, Ms Soc.

CEO @ Parking Energy

Parking Energy is the forerunner in electric vehicel charging for real estate. Jiri has been in the EV scene from 2007 and was one of the key organizers of eCars - Now!, a globally oriented open source mass conversion scheme of gasoline cars into electric. Jiri has worked bot on public and private sector, holding several management positions. Jiri’s work experience ranges from leading social worker for homeless people to researcher in electronic voting. Aside of salary work, Jiri has been an active forerunner in the fied of new forms of democracy starting from 1988 with the forming of the Finnish Citizens’ Power Association. Later on that work lead Jiri to outline the world’s first electronic referendum system for the ministry of Justice of Finland.

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