How To Use Networking To Grow Your Startup With Joonas

You probably heard about Finnish culture and their unique way of doing things. How about taking a closer look into it with a Finnish entrepreneur who has been through the startup processes, create different companies in Finland, and been through all the challenges of a tech startup? In today’s episode, Joonas will share his own experience about networking and the startup ecosystem in Finland. You will get useful insights together with practical tips. We believe that you can apply those tips to your own companies when searching for new clients or recruiting new people to your team.

"When you are doing business, you are with the money. If you try to be something else it's really hard to make business with you"


– Finland is a great place to start your business. You get support from the Finnish government under different forms. For example, various organizations help you to start your business since the beginning. You can also get financial support, not much but at least it can help you focus on doing your stuff. Moreover, Finland is an active startup ecosystems in which you can easily access all kind of resources and information.

– Most common difficulties when running a business in Finland are the high operating costs and language barriers. It’s not easy to find a good program developer, who at the same time, can speak Finnish, English, and being excellent in their profession.

– For a startup, getting to know people before recruiting is essential. You don’t want to hire the wrong people. The recruitment process may take time and effort in Finland. 

– Networking on the social network is common. But the “human touch” is also essential. You get to know people more when talking to them in person.

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Joonas Tomperi

Joonas Tomperi

CEO & Founder @Enable Banking

After a few years working as a successful Sales Manager, Joonas started to be an entrepreneur to utilize his knowledge in SAP and IT architecture. Joonas defining himself as a new Business Warrior in areas of Open Banking, SAP and IT architecture. Joonas and his team are running two different companies: Enable Banking - helping banks to save development time and also make it possible to connect directly to bank API without 3rd party; and VIERA Consulting - offering consulting services in the area of IT architecture in Service Business, Data to Business benefits, and SAP Fiori, SCP, Enable Now.

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