Strategy to Outsource Sales and Marketing for Tech Startups with Henri Tikkanen

On this episode, we have Henri Tikkanen, CEO and Smartbound Specialist of Adeptus. Adeptus is a Finnish Growth company that strongly believes in the power of the attitude, emotional intelligence and understanding efficiency in sales. They want to engage our clients to contact new customers and/or outsource it, and train salespeople and managers to become better people experts, talkers and problem solvers both in operational and strategic levels.

"For outsourcing sales, it all starts from having the good people"


Henri discussed with us the “Guide to modern & strategic sales and marketing outsourcing”, with his experience working in the field, he pointed out a few key points that can be taken away from this episode:

– Five crucial points building successful partnership.

– Seven steps for creating strategic process between sales and marketing

– Five modern management principles for sales and marketing directors.

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Henri Tikkanen

Henri Tikkanen

CEO @ Adeptus

A modern multi-channel CEO and Sales Leader whose expertise is to match the strengths of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Cold Calling with a sccessful new approach as we say "Smartbound".

I am also proud to say that our people growth company at Adeptus Myyntivoima Oy have great attitude, motivation and goal level. Email: henri[email protected]

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