Understanding The Role of Mindset in Entrepreneurship with Tristan Wright

In this episode, we were joined by Tristan Wright, the founder of Evolve to Grow, all the way from Australia! What an insightful, inspiring, and invigorating talk we had! Tristan achieved his dreams at a very young age – a 7-figure thriving business, marriage – just to lose it all a couple of years later. But as it is with the entrepreneurial spirits – these hurdles didn’t stop him. We talked with Tristan about how to learn from failures in life and use it to your advantage, about the difference between what drives entrepreneurs and how that might affect their businesses, and the role mindset plays in entrepreneurship. Discover how Tristan is helping businesses grow during the pandemic, what he learned from climbing Kilimanjaro, and so much more! So, without further ado,  let’s dive into it!

It's not always the best person that wins, it's the person that keeps showing up!

  • You need to be aware of all the different components within your business and put energy into actually operating it, not doing all the work.

  • Mindset, especially in small businesses, is the most important, most critical thing. Because if you can’t look after what’s happening between your ears, you’ll always be struggling. Put yourself first!

  • Follow the KISS principle – keep it simple! Aim to achieve small steps to build momentum rather than setting a massive, overwhelming goal.

  • Start with the end in mind! What impact do you want to leave? What’s the simplest, fastest way to get there? Is the task you are doing now helping you to get to that end goal faster?

  • Be present! Work-life balance, looking after yourself, and having interests outside your business is crucial to succeed and have a fulfilled life.

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Tristan Wright

Tristan Wright

Tristan Wright is the CEO and Founder of Evolve to Grow and the original Business Sherpa. He started his adult life as a moderately successful, unengaged engineer but soon enough found his passion for entrepreneurship by exploring the caverns of the Cycling Wear world. He created and built Seight Custom Cycling Wear - a $300,000 business from his kitchen table while still tinkering away at engineering. But, unfortunately, not long after the Australian dollar plummeted, leaving Tristan with a $200,000 debt. It took 18 months for Tristan to build his company back up again and finally make the decision to sell it. A couple of years later, in 2016 Tristan met Erin, his partner, who challenged him to consider what he really loves doing. And that's how a year later, in 2017 Evolve to Grow was born! With a mission to give owners time and freedom! Today Tristan and his team help numerous businesses scale achieve greatness and make an impact!

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