Women in Tech Nordic Startups with Natalia Rincón

In this episode, we are honored to have Natalia Rincón, CEO and Founder of CHAOS to discuss about being a female founder in male-dominant industries namely Information Technology and Architecture. She dedicates her free time to the Green Party, where She serves as a deputy councilor in Tampere and as a member in several urban planning boards.

Despite working in the male-dominant industries, Natalia didn’t think she has experienced any negative encounters. But Natalia shared with us her observations on how the male and female founders may experience in the tech industry of the Nordic context. And more in-depth sharing to come as you tune in!

"For entrepreneurs, know that you gonna face good times and bad times. But that's alright, everybody goes through those. The most important things is that you know how to react and how to take tough decisions when you need to."


– There is no significant discrimination between male and female founders in Finland and Mexico startup ecosystem.

– Based on Natalia’s observation, most female investors feel the needs to act tougher. And it could be be that sometimes investors tend to ask more trivial question rather than number-driven questions when it comes to female pitchers.

– Natalia’s view on balancing between your business and your family is that both partners have to share equal responsibilities and it’s so grateful to have a supportive partner. 

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Natalia Rincón

Natalia Rincón

Founder & CEO @CHAOS
Bold. Tenacious. Passionate. - I’m running a startup focused in Smart Cities. I’m an architect by profession and nowadays I'm also writing my Doctoral Dissertation in urban planning. I complement my Architecture practice with a strong background in Computer Science. I dedicate my free time to the Green Party, where I serve as a deputy councilor in Tampere and as a member in several urban planning boards.

During my life, I have learnt to withstand adverse situations, which have granted me with a resilient and creative personality. I learnt to stand for my beliefs and question the status quo. I value hardship. I don't assume success. I live with the idea that good leaders are characterised by boldness, responsibility and kindness; three areas in my life that I improve daily.

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