Poshie-Rediscovering guest hospitality.

Data reporting solutions for faster data-driven decisions.

Type: Product  Data Analytics

Client: Poshie Interactive Oy

Deliverables: KPI dashboards & automation


Poshie ( provides guest tablet solutions. POSHIE was created the end-user in mind using the latest software technology to ensure an uncompromised experience.

The Goals

Poshie operates in the hospitality industry and wanted to create a KPI dashboard of user behavior so that the company’s partners can view how the application is working. Poshie and their enterprise clients really care about user retention using Poshie interactive devices. Poshie used Google Analytics web + app, the new version of Google Analytics, for recording event-based data. This version was released in 2019 to track key metrics and events across platforms. Although Google Analytics web + app can unify both website and mobile data into one dashboard, the dashboard is limited in filtering and customization. Due to this limitation, Poshie came to us in the hope of building a more customized dashboard to show the user behavior of Poshie’s app. The dashboards had to show main user behavior metrics and be filtered by partner location.

The Solutions

Our solution: We worked with Poshie’s developers to understand the nature of Poshie business in order to study the right metrics that aligned with the available data source. Because Google Analytics web + app does not support a connector to many business intelligence tools, such as Data Studio and Power Bi, we suggested that Poshie use Big Query. Poshie’s developers can push data to Big Query, as a result, we are able to use Big Query connector to connect to Data Studio, build customized dashboards in Data Studio. 

To meet Poshie’s goals of generating data reports for their enterprise clients and having the capability of generating upcoming reports or customizing reports based on a specific reference, we developed a data tracking and analysis reporting solution for Poshie. The solutions were : (1) We used DataStudio as a key tool to create reports, as it has the connection to Big Query, (2) Data Studio only charges  a small monthly fee every month, and 

(3) Poshie can share the dashboard with anyone by using the Data Studio link. 

Our process includes a number of steps that include:

  • Discovery call
  • Research and plan 
  • Proposals and timeline 
  • Data analytics implementation + reports
    • Phase 1: applying the agile methodology, we create 2 automated reports for 2 big clients, then we add more metrics based on Poshie clients’ requirements.
    • Phase 2: Scaled-up reports for 18 enterprise users 
  • Templates, tutorial videos, and appendix 
  • Consulting for advanced requirements

The Results

Within 3 weeks, we delivered 18 reports for 18 hotel clients of Poshie. Clients are the biggest hotel chains in Finland. We were able to create 18 dashboards showing the user behavior of Poshie partner locations. And from our ready-built set of the template and manual guides tailored for Poshie, the Poshie team can generate other types of dashboards and reports for their incoming clients. We helped Poshie be more independent of using constant service from data analysts to generate new reports and dashboards for their enterprise users. The dashboard played an important role in making Poshie Interactive solutions a lot more useful for their clients.

Also, the dashboards provide fast, convenient, automated solutions for Poshie and clients who don’t have backgrounds in data gathering and reporting. The dashboards help them gather user data quickly to build data-driven solutions.