How We boosted Whalelend’s User Acquisition by 70%

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WhaleLend, (under Tesseract Group Oy) is a Finnish financial app that aims to bring breakthrough solutions to the digital currency industry. Whalelend is a highly secure app with a strong focus on ease to use and humane customer service – which many products in the digital currency industry lack.


After launching the product in summer 2018 and running their marketing in-house, Whalelend saw low results in website traffic and new users. Therefore, Whalelend asked us to run growth marketing for them in a more strategic way that could boost the user acquisition rate and conversion rate. Another challenge for Whalelend was how to grow fast under a shoestring marketing budget.


For newly-launched product, it’s more important to have enough data to define your marketing strategies and identify what works well for your product and your customers. Data is the heart of our growth marketing operation for Whalelend. We started by running the common marketing activities of marketing for Whalelend including inbound marketing, advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. Along the way, we studied Whalelend user behaviors really hard and we ran competitor research a lot to fully understand the industry and buyer personas. Our research provides insights to maximize our content marketing efforts. Besides, we worked very closely with the Whalelend team from the beginning to fully understand the product and their vision. Who can understand the product more than the founding team, right?

Given the variety of our needs, it would have been very difficult to find just one person who would be able to do all the work that Aurabear has been doing for us.”

Ilkka Salo (COO, WhaleLend) Tweet
With more visitors coming to the website, we analyzed data to identify the churn points, optimize marketing efforts and execute growth hacking experiments for Whalelend. We aimed to boost the user acquisition and user retention rate within a short period of time. As we ran Whalelend marketing budget under shoestring budget, we carefully cooperated ‘the honing phase’ and ‘ramping up phase’ to ensure that we didn’t waste Whalelend marketing budget in underperforming marketing activities. This is the mistake that many marketing teams in startups tend to make: conduct marketing campaigns but forget to ‘kill + scale’.
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Website Development​

Email Marketing​


Content Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization​

Social Media Marketing​

Leads Generation

At Aurabear, we work as an extended marketing team to the client team. Employing agile project management style, we frequently share our work, results and data report with Whalelend team. Working closely with Whalelend team, we helped them position their brand in the crowd and produce a consistent voice for their brand. “It is fun to work with Aurabear team. We don’t feel alone in marketing”, said Whalelend team. WhaleLend now has a designated full-stack marketing team from Aurabear. Aurabear provides WhaleLend with a variety of marketing services, allowing them to focus on their core business.


Within 3 months Aurabear has helped WhaleLend

Aurabear offers one-time pilot projects for their new customers. This made choosing Aurabear to test out outsourcing a no-brainer. WhaleLend continues to work with us and they are excited to see where the long-term marketing strategies like inbound-marketing will take them.

Aurabear’s concept of outsourcing marketing is relatively new. After the pilot project we were convinced that this is the right solution for us.”

Ilkka Salo (COO, WhaleLend) Tweet

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