Inbound Marketing Strategy for AreTheyHappy


Type: Inbound Marketing

Client: AreTheyHappy

Scope of works: lead-hook production, social media marketing, social videos.

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AreTheyHappy is a SaaS software for restaurants and other hospitality businesses to monitor and manage customer reviews. AreTheyHappy is headquartered in Belgium, and has been serving thousands of restaurants in Europe in customer experience optimization. 


The Goals

AreTheyHappy is a SaaS tool for the restaurant industry. More and more, the restaurant industry has discovered that SaaS tools help automate some processes and optimize customer experience, as well as improve efficiency. AreTheyHappy focuses on helping restaurants monitor customer reviews on various review channels and improve customer experience based on consolidated customer feedback. 

AreTheyHappy’s main goal was to build an effective inbound marketing strategy that helped increase inbound traffic to websites via social media marketing & content,  convert inbound traffics to leads (sign-ups, subscribers), and convert leads to paying customers.

The Process

We ran a website content audit, data analysis of their funnel and data analysis of previous lead generation strategy (cost per lead, cost per click, conversion rate, etc.) to help the team to have a clearer picture of how their marketing was working. Besides running lead hook content production and SEO for ATH (AreTheyHappy), social media marketing is the key focus for ATH. ATH’s buyer personas use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin on a daily basis. ATH wanted to reach their buyer personas on social media channels as well as improve their brand images on social channels.

For social media marketing, we got started with running research on their competitors’ social pages and conducting user interviews to help build a completed buyer persona for ATH. The buyer persona would help us define the content themes, content types, topics, and hashtag strategy for different social media channels. 

ATH targets both local single restaurants and restaurant chains. Fast-casual dining chains were the fastest growing sector of the restaurant industry; therefore, ATH wanted to have more social content that could speak directly to the decision-makers of fast-casual dining chains in Europe and North America.

Content themes based on buyer personas

For ATH, there are several buyer personas we wanted to target for ATH. They were marketers of restaurant chains, CMOs, and restaurant owners/managers of small and medium restaurants. Each buyer persona is interested in certain topics, leading to different hashtag strategies on Instagram and LinkedIn. 

We designed the content themes in the social content planner for different buyer personas on different channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. 

For LinkedIn, our content was more tuned for CMOs. The content themes consisted of restaurant marketing strategy, thought leaders, and industry trends. Meanwhile, for Facebook and Instagram pages, we designed social content for ATH to be more practical, catchy, and sharable among marketers, junior marketers, and restaurant owners.

Social media content strategy & planning:

We balanced the funny, engaging social posts with professional, fact-based content posts. We created different types of social posts: animation posts, social videos, images, customer success stories, quotes, etc.

Overall, our social posts were planned based on a matrix:

  • Content themes for buyer personas
  • Content topics 
  • Owner contents : repurposing from blog contents and lead hooks -> raise brand awareness and intrigue the audience to visit website
  • Curated content 
  • Social videos
  • Case studies 
  • Community-based content

We designed the social posts, published, and engaged with the followers. Also, we ran data analysis regularly to validate the best timing to posts, the best content types that generated organic engagement, and brought traffic to ATH websites.

ATH calendar

The Works

Social posts for ATH’s social media pages were produced and published in a consistent schedule. After three months, ATH social pages’ followers increased 40% , and organic engagement increased 60%. 

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