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Lynn Cu

Lynn Cu

project manager

Entrepreneurship is always my passion. I believe that we grow by doing and by active learning. This podcast is like a playground for Nordic startups owners and entrepreneurial minds to share ideas, get inspired, and learn from each other.

Bob Huynh


I have a keen interest in the podcast scene. The Nordic Growth Show is where I can develop my skills regarding every aspect of managing a podcast channel: from hosting, editing, to marketing.

Jamie Le


I enjoy listening to podcast myself, being a host of one excites me so much. Every single episode is a chance to talk with a guest who has been through ups and downs to build their dream business is so inspiring. Might be enough for me to grow into a future-founder as well, who knows? xD

Jessica Nguyen

guest host

I’ve been podcasting for several years and am currently working on launching a podcast scholarship program. I learned so much about Finland’s startup work culture through my conversations with our guests at The Nordic Growth.  As an entrepreneur myself,  it’s inspiring to see how far many of our guest entrepreneurs have come with their businesses.

Janne Disko

Janne Disko


 I wanted to join the podcast project to be able to meet and talk with people who are great at what they do and get a first row seat on picking their brain on different topics and views on the startup ecosystem and marketing.

Helmi Nguyen

web designer

I love to see things in place and make them look good. For this podcast site, I have tried with new ideas and format. It’s great feeling every time I open the page to look at it. Working for a podcast channel is great because I can listen to many inspirational talks from our guest speakers.