Growth Audit Guide

Finetune your marketing process by data and analytics

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Generating revenue can be difficult in today’s markets. Businesses, new and established alike, often face fierce competition when trying to sell products and services. Almost every business has a competitor that offers similar wares that are better, more convenient, and/or cheaper. So what must a company like yours do to generate revenue and remain viable? It’s not enough to bring in new customers or rely on a client base for a revenue stream. To remain viable, you should look at every point of customer contact as a promotional opportunity. Concentrate on analyzing each point of contact, determining the success rate for each point, considering how to make improvements with future contacts, and then implementing changes. 

Growth marketers nowadays tend to be more tech savvy than traditional marketers. Along with data analysis, growth marketers identify all potential points of sale, from product introduction to loyal customer referrals. For each point identified, growth marketers figure out what steps to take to convert a potential customer into a paying client or to get a paying client to purchase more. This Growth Audit Guide will walk you through the key checking points of a customer’s journey. In each steps, you will get details explanation, tips and tools to self evaluate your marketing activities for a better conversion rate.