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Type: Inbound Marketing

Client: GetJenny Oy

Deliverables: eBook

GetJenny improve how companies run online customer service

GetJenny Oy is one of the leading companies in Finland, providing AI chatbots for organizations since 2013. With the multilingual Chatbot and advanced technology behind, GetJenny offers companies a total solution to automate their customer services process, helping to significantly improve their customer service experience, increase sales while providing a high ROI.

The Goals

Once the benefits of using chatbots for customer service were apparent, more and more organizations started using chatbots. To meet the demand, many companies are provide chatbots to various industries. This increased competition means it is getting more challenging for chatbot developers to convince customers that their chatbot is the best suitable. In that context, GetJenny wanted to gain more attention in the market and to impress potential clients with its unique features and technology.  

The Solutions

After working with the client to understand their needs, we did overall research of the current customer service tools. We realize that there are many available tools in different functions of the customer service process, but there is not any comprehensive review of all these applications. We propose to GetJenny the approach by developing an ebook about current customer service tools available in the market. With this application collection, companies can have an overview of the current market and use it as a tool to assess a specific application if they plan to implement it for their company. The ebook is part of the content strategy, which helps the company to create a new funnel for its business development purposes. 

We did a data collection from different app review sites. We finally chose a list of 100+ most popular customer service applications based on customer reviews and value for money. After carefully selecting tools based on our metrics, we wrote a summary for each corresponding tool. These chosen applications are classified based on their function under the process of customer services. Multi-functioned or all-in-one applications are highlighted. Chatbot companies in Finland were also presented on the list. Some of them are still young in the market but already have a strong impact. 

From research, we build an ebook about trending customer service tools and technologies. With this comprehensive collection, decision-makers could have a closer look at the customer service application sector. New trends or new tools are covered within this ebook.

The Solutions

The ebook has been one of the key material for marketing team to generate leads – MQL and SQL for GetJenny. During the first month after publication, the ebook generated approximately 250 organic leads during the first month of being published organically via social media channels. It was also used in paid ads to gain tractions, as well as SQL for the GetJenny team. 

The ebook was well-tailored for GetJenny’s enterprise target audience : CMOs, and Heads of Customer Service in big and medium-sized companies.